Log Cabin Residence

Nestled between an apple orchard and a wooded hillside, these two large additions to an existing 1970s log cabin kit home serve to provide greatly enhanced living spaces, respect the original home aesthetic, while minimizing its visual appearance from the road nearby.  Tripling the finished floor area created a unique challenge for this program need.  Providing exterior access and different vistas from each new space while expanding views and spaces towards the woods was a key program requirement.

In keeping with the existing home structure, two similarly-constructed, simple gabled-roof volumes were designed and rotated around a central point, angling the additions away from public sight.  Concentric arcs were rotated around the central point axis, creating interstitial circulation, deck, and landscaped spaces, and highlighting floor materials, (wood stain colors), and ceilings (radiating recesses and sweeping soffits).  Interior spaces were left with natural wood finishes, and local stone was used for chimney veneer. 

The deck railings were designed with curved metal 'cattails' with a powder-coated green finish to blend in with the wooded background and maximize transparency.  The natural materials concept was developed further by the owner in the master suite, where the furniture was made from unprocessed wood and lights were shaded with protected birch bark.  Photos by PA

Ohio Valley Residence

This project consisted of major additions and alterations to an existing farm house on a ten acre wooded lot.  Located in a village of traditional houses, the home sits between two forested ravines.  The primary challenge was to harmonize the site and home additions; an exterior entry court was designed to serve as an exterior room, extending the interior spaces and serving as a transition space between the natural and the man-made.

Spaces were designed to have a serenity that compliments the energy and beauty of the site.  Interior walls of the existing home were removed to create larger spaces and exterior walls were opened to maximize views.  A glazed hall with spiral stair leads to guest quarters above the garage, and maintains forested views.  Photos by BBR


Richfield Residence

Inspired by the wooded ravine surrounding the site on three sides and adjacent park setting, this home utilizes natural materials throughout to best reflect the site's drama and warmth.  Although designed to project a modest street presence, this home embraces the wooded site's views with expanses of glass along the ravine edges, opening the interior to the views.

The central Great Room best exemplifies this idea with a 2 1/2 sory, faceted, glazed rear wall which bathes the interior in sunlight.  The interior features materials and details consistent with early 20th century rural homes including exposed roof trusses, window bays, built-ins, vertical beadboard wainscoting, barnstone tiles, and wood floors.  Photos by PA

Additions - Portage Lakes

A large part of our residential work includes additions and alterations.  Many include adding a new space which is intended to blend in with the existing home's design.  For this project we were tasked with designing a new Master Suite and transforming a single-story, 1950s brick lakeside ranch into a Craftsman-styled home.  Complicating the project was the necessity for a full-service boat maintenance garage.  To maintain the rear yard and patio it had to fit between the house front wall and street setback, yet maintain the character of the Craftsman design.

The existing roof structure was removed, the existing attic steps were redesigned to accommodate a new staircase, and the existing wall and floor structures were reinforced to accommodate the new loads.  The Master Suite has a full cathedral ceiling, including the two, full-height rear dormers to take full advantage of the morning vista across the lake.  [Under Construction]