Dentist Offices

Upon developing a thorough understanding of the intrinsic technological, functional, and infrastructure requirements, we successively designed dental offices throughout the area.  Through thoughtful discussion and analysis of each dentist's practice, procedures, and staff functions we have successfully designed spaces to meet specific needs, whether they required an office expansion, tenant space alteration, adaptive re-use, or new construction.  Much of this success is the result of our program matrix, in which a detailed questionnaire and analysis are carefully utilized to generate a program and develop design.

Assessing clients' unique preferences and business strategies was critical in determining interior lighting, colors, textures, and materials.  These office examples are a result of the collaborative effort and attention to detail with the dentist and general contractor in Design-Build relationships, from conceptualization through construction.  These collaborations benefited projects with consistent communication and project integrity, and resulted in a series of new and expanded thriving offices. 

Metroparks Marina

Replacing the original Marina destroyed by lake-driven ice floods, this new multi-purpose facility was inspired by Lake Erie lighthouses. Aligned with the Rocky River centerline at river's bend, the lighthouse monitor at the building center became the focus for the site and the building concept. 

Built upon deep caisson foundations, this structure is designed to withstand the lake's volatile climate conditions.  Semi-circular dormers serve as mechanical vents and a lobby window.  With intermittent arched headers the wooden lobby ceiling slopes up to the monitor, creating a dramatic rise to the monitor above.  Materials and detailing were chosen that reflect East Coast seaside nautical tradition, consisitent with nearby Connecticut Western Reserve architecture. Photos by PA

Carpet Country

Providing commercial and residential sales and installation, this new corporate headquarters provides full contracting services for the carpet industry.  The building is comprised of 5,000 sf of retail area, 2.500 sf of administrative use, and 4,500 sf of storage and work area.

The interplay of smooth and split masonry, downspouts, alternating vertical siding and lights, create a rhythm that helps minimize the building's apparent mass.  This material palette serves dual critical functions of sustaining its solid community-based corporate image, while providing a necessary durable and maintenance-free shell for the pre-engineered metal building frame.  Photos by PA

Commons Office Park

Located in a suburban setting, this office building was designed as an office park prototype, creating a design vocabulary to be utilized on future buildings in the development. Durability, affordability, and compatibility with the residential context were key elements of material selection - wood framing, ground face masonry at grade and window check rail, warm field brick, sloped roofs, and gabled suite entrances.

Additionally, the vertical metal siding above the brick serves to add a vertical element to a relatively horizontal structure.  This design proved a successful addition to the office park.  Photos by PA

St. John Lutheran Renovation

After 150 years of use a full restoration effort was needed to re-establish the sanctuary's appearance and integrity.  After updating framing, mechanical, electrical, and insulation systems, the entire sanctuary, Narthex, and Fellowship Hall interiors were renovated - wall and ceiling finishes, the altar, pulpit,  lectern, wainscoting, pews, flooring, choir loft, and suspended light fixtures. 

Particular effort was taken to restore the ornamental woodwork (originally stained, subsequently painted), including the pews and loft to their original, natural finishes.  Other renovations included structural bracing and refinishing of the bell tower. Photos by PA